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  • The mission of the 咨询 Department is

    承诺提供积极的, relevant counseling program that is developmentally comprehensive, 积极主动, transformative at its core 和 inclusive in its inspiration, while based on the American School 咨询 Association (ASCA) student competencies in the domains of academic, 个人/社会, college/护理er 和 rooted in our Jesuit Catholic tradition.
  • The vision of the 咨询 Department is

    In collaboration with the school community, the 咨询 Department is dedicated to inspiring 和 developing engaged, 独立的有生产力的公民, 有弹性的, 精神上的, culturally competent 和 devoted to lifelong learning 和 service to others.


  • 泰勒·弗拉登堡摄

    Mr. 泰勒 Vradenburg 

    (847) 920-2521

Do you need help for yourself or a friend?

to 1-844-823-5323
This anonymous service allows students to text a local licensed/certified mental health professional who is on-call 24/7 和 can provide help for them or perhaps a friend that they feel is in need.
988自杀事件 & Crisis Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free 和 confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 在美国一周工作7天.


Loyola school counselors offer individual counseling to oversee their students’ growth in academic, 个人/社会, 和 college/护理er domains over the course of four years.
Counselors receive academic ineligibility reports 和 monitor students grades, 如有需要,请咨询老师, 和 help students set goals 和 create four-year academic plans.
School counselors are responsible for responding to the immediate needs of students in crisis, 是否由于医疗原因, 情感或个人困难. While maintaining our professional obligation to confidentiality, 辅导员与家长合作, 教师, 和 outside clinicians to best support students during these times.
School counselors introduce long-term college 和 护理er planning with students during freshman 和 sophomore years; they collaborate with college counselors on shared students throughout the college search 和 application process junior 和 senior year.


  • 形成项目

    The 形成项目 is designed to enhance 澳门新葡亰8814’s distinctive Jesuit mission 和 vision, to help form young women 和 men for meaningful lives of leadership 和 service within a diverse 和 committed community. Formation aims to encourage students to respond to their God-given call to become Leaders in Service who are religious, 智力能力, 身体健康, 爱的, open to growth 和 committed to doing justice. The 形成项目 is grounded in our over 450-year-old tradition of Jesuit education as it strives for the Magis 和 Cura Personalis to promote doing more 和 better by others, while consistently demonstrating 护理 for the entire person. The program 和 curriculum is aligned with the American School Counselor Association’s established mindsets 和 behaviors for student success, is recognized for its commitment to developing 和 delivering a comprehensive, data-driven program in accordance with the ASCA National Model: A Framework for School 咨询 Programs 和 meets the State of Illinois’ Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) St和ards.




  • *Parent Presentation Sheds Light on Current Trends in Adolescent Mental Health & 物质使用

    Parent Presentation Sheds Light on Current Trends in Adolescent Mental Health & 物质使用

    周一, 2月13日, approximately one hundred Rambler parents 和 guardians gathered in Loyola’s Leemputte Family Theater to hear from experts in adolescent mental health 和 substance use regarding current trends among young people.
  • Two Ramblers Present at Hope Squad International Webinar

    Lauren Dziedzic, 22岁利亚姆·齐达尔,22岁 presented at the 2021 Hope Squad International Conference last month. “They did so well, were very vulnerable 和 received such positive feedback from their peers,” says 辅导主任夫人. 希拉Blanchfield, who moderates Loyola’s Hope Squad along with 学校辅导员. 科琳·法伦巴赫11岁, Dr. 加布里埃尔·费尔德曼, 博士, 夫人. 艾琳·夏皮罗. Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer program that trains "squads" of students to recognize peers at risk for suicide 和 then access immediate help from an adult.  利亚姆和劳伦都是 named to the Hope Squad National Council last spring.
  • Two Seniors Earn Elyssa's 任务 Scholarship for Advocating for Mental Health

    Congratulations to senior Hope Squad members Alex Brennan, 21考特尼·楚门,21届, recipients of the 2021 Elyssa's 任务 Scholarship. 奖学金最高可达5美元,000 to high school juniors 和 seniors who have successfully applied the ACT (acknowledge, 护理, tell) technique to help themselves or a friend, peer or community member 和 have promoted the Signs of Suicide (SOS)/ACT message in their community.


1100 Laramie Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois 60091-1089  |  847-256-1100
澳门新葡亰8814 admits students of any race, color 和 national origin or ethnic origin.